May 21st 2022

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REEGÜR’s “GÜNS & Roses” goes international! You guys asked for it and here it is—a monthly FF gathering in London! REEGÜR designed the GÜNS & Roses events for the local FF communities in various locations around the world to take part in safe spaces on a regular scheduled basis, without needing to wait for a large event or play in spaces not designed for us.

We invite FFun and FFriendly men of all races, types and ages 18+, to come and have ffun with each other in this modernized studio dungeon! And because we know it matters, the sounds of “DJ Kees Kool” playing will be in the background to help keep your session in the right head space. Bring your good energy and lube and we will provide the rest (water and other NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages provided but you may bring personal consumption alcohol—drink responsibly). Come on out and meet-up with some familiar faces and meet some new!

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About the Studio Dungeon

  • Private location—address sent with ticket purchase confirmation.
  • 5 sinks available for easy hand-washing between sessions.
  • Two floors within the dungeon.

  • 3 toilets for convenience.
  • A roomy private shower to help clean off excess lube and LIGHT touch-ups.
  • Free on-street parking for those driving a vehicle.
  • Paper Towels provided.

  • Play pad absorbers provided to catch excess lube.

  • Dress Code Enforced: Shoes required and NO street clothes (harnesses, leather, rubber, jocks, skin).


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Reegür App

Be sure to mark your GÜNS & Roses attendance on the REEGÜR app in Events and see who else is going!

Download on the app store

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