Taking Things in Hand

FFisters in Recovery

Every Monday 8:30 PM Eastern Time

Event Details

Taking Things in Hand: FFisters in Recovery” is a weekly meeting for all fisters who identify as being in recovery from Alcohol/Substance use dependency disorders from around the world, to join together in community fellowship and share experience strength and hope.

We want as many who identify in the Fisting community as possible to join this meeting and help us cultivate a community of support, love, and recovery. It runs on a rotating format, cycling through Speaker Discussions, Round Robin Discussions, Literature/Step Meetings, and Topic Discussions.

Meeting Info

Room ID: 978 4355 5123  | Password: whipme

*This meeting is not hosted by REEGÜR, but supported and advertised as a way of community engagement initiative. Your participation in the “Taking Things in Hand: Fisters Recovery” meeting is strictly voluntary and all communication/questions should be routed to meeting hosts

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