What does “width” or “width play” mean?


“Width” or “width play” typically refers to the stretching of one’s anus. This can be done using toys (dildos, wide butt plugs, etc.), as well as during a fisting play session using techniques such as “doubles” for example.

What does “doubles” mean?


“Doubles” typically refers to 2 hands inside of one’s anus. This could be both of one top’s hands or maybe even 1 hand each of 2 tops (bet THAT just gave you one heck of a visual, huh!). Also, doubles sometimes may refer to 2 penises inside of one’s anus (aka DP or Double Penetration).

What does “open/closed hand(ed)/fist” mean?


“Open/closed handed(ed)/fist” typically refers to one’s hand being either full open and extended with all fingers close together or one’s hand being closed in a ball with the thumb either tucked under the other for fingers or the thumb just outside the index finger.

What does “douche/douching” or “clean(ing)-out” mean?


“Douche/douching” or “clean(ing)-out” typically refers to the process of one removing fecal matter (aka poop) from their anal tract. This is typically done with water and a specialized hose with tools. There are many various methodologies that can be used to achieve the goal of getting cleaned-out.

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