Ass Pig

  1. veiled code for fisters that offers plausible deniability if any individual involved in the conversation is opposed to, or shocked by, fisting subject matter
  2. a hookup website for fisters;

Ass Play

  1. any type of sexual stimulation of the buttocks, anus, or fist chute, such as fingering, fucking, rimming, spanking, or fisting
  2. veiled code for fisting that offers plausible deniability if any individual involved in the conversation is opposed to, or shocked by, an invitation to fist
  3. Example: In order to keep his fisting affinity on the down low, John quickly indicated he meant ‘fucking’ in his reference to ‘ass play’ after he determined Tom was appalled by fisting.


  1. a manufactured cooking shortening from the modern age, similar to lard, commonly used by fisters to grease the fistchute

Dirty | Dirty Play

  1. a play event in which the bottom doesn’t douche prior to penetration
  2. veiled code for a scat or shit play
    Example: ‘Come over dirty if you want,’ Alex said. ‘I’m feeling raunchy tonight.’


  1. a shorthand reference to double fisting
    Example: Clint flat out asked him if his hole was big enough to take a double. He then slid his second hand in alongside the first.

Double Fist

  1. a sexual activity involving the insertion of both hands into the vagina or rectum / lower digestive tract

Extended Play

  1. a play event, usually involving fisting, that lasts more than three or four hours due to the effects of crystal meth on the central nervous system
  2. veiled code for a drug-accompanied hookup, usually crystal meth
    Example: Matt’s profile read ‘looking for uninhibited extended play sessions’ to notify other users he wanted unprotected, drug laden sex.

FFuck | FF

  1. acronym and sometimes veiled code for fisting, short for fist fuck


  1. the anatomical formation of the hand, when the fingers and thumb are curled up in a ball
  1. a sexual activity involving the insertion of a balled or unballed hand into the vagina or rectum / lower digestive tract


  1. acronym for High And Horny, usually with party drugs; commonly used in the UK and other European countries


  1. archaic code for fisting, used primarily during the sexual revolution
    Example: Rich and Kyle were able to discuss there plans for an evening fisting session while at work by simply referring to a game of handball that evening.


  1. common synonym for fistchute; however, it can also refer to any human orafice that can be fucked
    Example: He was unable to talk because Daniel and Greg were simultaneously plugging both his holes with their curved cocks prior to inserting their elbows into his fistchute.


  1. lubrication originally created to assist in the labor and delivery of livestock, commonly used by fisters to grease the fistchute


  1. protein and sugar-free powdered lubricant similar to J-lube, but with a longer shelf life after hydration, commonly used by fisters to grease the fistchute


  1. acronym for Party And Play, usually with crystal meth
  1. to use drugs, generally crystal meth, when engaged in sexual activity

Party | ParTy

  1. veiled code for crystal meth consumption while engaged in sexual activity, specifically when the letter T is capitalized
    Capitalization of the letter T, E, G, or K outside of normal sentence structure, usually in profile names or activity lists, indicates preference for playing while high.
  1. to use drugs, generally crystal meth, when engaged in sexual activity
    Example: The first question John asked when soliciting sex on social media was always ‘Do you like to parTy?’


  1. an omnivorous domesticated hoofed mammal with sparse bristly hair and a flat snout for rooting in the soil, kept for its meat.
  2. veiled code for fister that offers plausible deniability if any individual involved in the conversation is opposed to, or shocked by, fisting subject matter; can be used in several combinations such as ass pig, poppers pig, or fist pig


  1. Repeated forward and reverse movement of the fist inside the fist chute, often used to deliver pleasure or expand depth capacity
    Example: Derrick repeatedly inserts and retracts his arm so quickly from Ryan’s fistchute that even those who have mastered traditional pistoning are in awe.


  1. the medical term for the exposed or partially decensded rectum outside the anus
    Synonym for rose bud
  1. a slipping forward or down of one of the parts or organs of the body

Prolapse Play

  1. any type of play focused on the anal prolapse, including anilingus, coitus, heavy petting, frottage, and extraction


  1. a cylindrical tube that when sealed against skin, can become a vacuum that engorges a cock or anus buy sucking additional fluid/blood into the vacuum location
  2. a surgical implant that is inserted into the penis to simulate an erect penis; usually used to treat erectile dysfunction
  1. The act of applying a cylindrical vacuum to the cock, cock and balls, or anus to engorge them with additional blood or extract the anus from its traditional position, often creating a monster cock or rose bud
    Example Scot wanted a full prolapse, so he pumped his hole daily.
  2. the repeated gyration or pistoning of a sexual orifice, often used in relation to ejaculate
    Example: Barry frequently pumped a load into his partner’s ass, then used his fist to push it in so deep that it wouldn’t be readily expelled.

Punch Fist

  1. a fisting activity involving the rapid and repeated insertion and removal of a hand into the vagina or rectum / lower digestive tract in a piston-like fashion

Red | Red Hanky

  1. color and hanky code for fisting; left is insertive and right is receptive

Rose Bud

  1. the common name for the prolapsed or partial prolapsed rectum that is due to the similarity between the prolapse and a rosebud
    Example: Gary peeled back his fisted hole to expose the rose bud that resulted from the previous two hour fist session.


  1. a fisting play date or encounter
    Example: On a recent trip to Omaha, Shane posted several ads online looking for a session

Shit Fist

  1. a fisting activity involving the insertion of the fist into an unclean bottom

Shit Soccer

  1. The act of directing shit to the drain with your foot during your douche


  1. veiled code unprotected or raw sex, especially when spelled using two b’s (uninhibited)
  2. veiled code for drug-enhanced sex, usually with meth or ghp
    Example: David’s ad on bbrt asked for those willing to play uninhibited. Since the website is specifically designated for unprotected sex, everybody assumed he wanted to couple meth with sex during his playtime.

Waffle Stomp

  1. to tread heavily on a shower drain after douching in order to force fecal material into the sewer system
    Example: Sean’s douche routine involves four processes: injection of warm water in his hole, direct expulsion of contents, waffle stomping to eliminate solid waste accumulating near the drain, and washing the soles of his feet.


  1. to destroy a hole to the point a session must end
  2. to fist a hole in an attempt to generate extreme pleasure in a bottom, but not necessarily wear it out
    Example: When Bret asked Mike to wreck his hole, he just wanted a good session; however, Mike thought Bret was requesting that he destroy it so he couldn’t play for several days. One left in pain, the other left unsatisfied.
  1. the destruction of a hole, often subjectively evaluated
    Example: Randy and Brandon, both thought their holes were a wreck— Brandon’s was swollen and pink, while Randy’s was just tired from getting a small fist inside it.


  1. the status of a hole after after having been fisted to the point of exhaustion, when play can no longer continue
  2. having been subjectively wrecked
    Example: Although Scot thought his hole was fine, the rest of the room could tell by the puffiness and unresponsiveness that it was wrecked, and there would be little play left in him.