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  • Latest Android version is 1.2.6
  • Latest iPhone version is 1.1.3

Known Issues

  • We are aware that if you log out of your account, all of your chat message history will be deleted, if not on the latest version of Reegür.
  • We are aware that the app load image refreshes itself frequently when you leave the app sometimes to engage in other activities on your mobile device.
  • We are aware that for iPhone users, that you don’t get red dot badge notifications on your phone’s home screen specifically for new messages received.
  • We are aware that video playback causes the Reegür app to crash for iPhone users on iOS software version 13+.
  • If you have an Android platform device outside of LG, Samsung, HTC, or another highly utilized brand, the Reegür app on your device MAY not fully function properly because it requires for us to specifically optimize the app for your brand. Your device may not be affected at all, but we still want Android users to let us know when they have problems so that we can focus on those specific devices in the very near future!

Please be sure to include the type of device you’re using (iOS or Android) and your device’s current software version. Failing to include this information will only delay your support request.

Not sure how to find that information? 
Click here for iOS instructions.
Click here for Android instructions.

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