1.) always try your best to be cleaned out/douched before a play session (unless otherwise discussed with your play partners for other types of play). If you’re not in tune yet, get to know your body’s digestive cycle in general. Once you do this, it will become easier for you to schedule play sessions with yourself or with partners. While diet is very case-sensitive to each individual, practicing good everyday intake of dietary fiber/fiber supplements (after consulting with your primary care physician) can help you to continue having regular bowel movements (aka, a #2) consistently and keep waste being expelled from your body. The goal is to make play preparation not quite as stressful or time-consuming.

2.) always make sure to let your top partners know of what’s inside of your lubricant mix (since lubricants are pure preference for each bottom, you usually will find out what works best for you and always bring it to the play session). For example, some people may have an allergy to ingredients such “clove oil” OR if your top partner is using just (agreed upon) bare hands with no gloves, letting them know that you have mixed in an antiesthetic, would be helpful knowledge—desensitized penis and hands will be of no use to you! Making your top partners aware of what you use helps to keep everyone in safe and in the know.

3.) always make sure to be safe and check your partners’ finger/toe nails to ensure they are at a proper length for safe play. Doesn’t hurt to be cautious since the other possible outcomes can be potentially life-threatening or slow your butt-play career down to a long pause.

4.) always remember to be mindful of “bossy bottoming”, which usually yields at being demanding, negatively and/or strongly dictating to your top partner, and not using sensitivity when communicating to your top partner. It’s important to remember that you know what feels good to your body and your top sometimes may not. However, if you want the session to positively continue, it may help to sensitively and effectively communicate with your top partner to let them know something is uncomfortable and discuss different options with them to try out that are comfortable for you both. On the contrary, be open to suggestions from your top partners during play. For example, a top may suggest a position change or remind you to continue to breathe. Although it may be difficult sometimes, try not to take these negatively, but merely as the top’s attempt to continue to make sure you both have a fulfilling play session. If he meant anything negative by it, the session could’ve ended, right?

5.) never top-shame (to make an insertive top partner feel un-at ease, intentionally). Every moment is a teachable moment and you can use these opportunities to inform your top partner of your knowledge-base. For example, if your top finishes a session with you and forgets to clean your butt up or didn’t know of this etiquette, something like “would you mind helping to clean the excess lube off of my butt before I get up” could help you to 1, get the lube off of your butt and 2, provide you the teaching or reminding opportunity to keep the community etiquette intact. Another example is to not make your top partner feel bad about their technique if you went into the play session with an anus that was already sore from douching or previous play.

6.) remember to pace yourself, it’s not about where you’re going but the quality of the experience along the way. This becomes very important when attending a group play session or community event that may involve playing. You don’t want to wear yourself or your anus out, which could put you out of sexual commission. Your body tells you a lot about what it’s feeling, and we must listen to practice good safety measures.

7.) remember that sometimes playing is just simply not possible. You don’t want to get to a point where you had to douche so much that your anus is now sore OR your body is just simply having a hard time getting your anal tract cleared out. On this note, if you are utilizing dietary supplements such as Imodium, please make sure to check-in with your best health friend (your primary care physician) to make sure you are doing this properly according to your body.

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