1.) In the event of a serious emergency during playing, always remember to call 911 first for help. If a serious accident has happened during a play session/general meet-up or if you feel your safety is in jeopardy, this is the best possible outcome. Emergency dispatch can offer immediate life-saving instructions for yourself and your meeting partners. You and your life are valuable and REEGÜR wants to heavily emphasize this because we believe it too—don’t risk it, get help if seriously needed.

2.) Talk to your medical provider about your interest/current participation in the fisting/butt-play community. Your medical provider should feel like your best friend and support your interests while also providing you with the most ethical, sensitive, and informative health care information to keep you safe. Plus, if a concern arises, you and your provider have already spoken about this information. If your provider is not knowledgeable in this area, you may consider asking for a referral to a specialist such as a practitioner who works in the GBTQ (Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) community, for example. Also, there are places around the globe that allow you to schedule an appointment or drop-in to speak to someone about safer sex practices as well as general information from reputable places on the internet such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as example.

3.) While REEGÜR DOES NOT encourage nor endorse playing under the influence of legal or illegal substances, as they can potentially inhibit one’s ability to make safer play decisions, we do believe in a harm reduction approach. This approach was designed to meet individuals where they are in their current state of use and work on making sure that as many safety measures as possible are implemented while maintaining or working towards eliminating use all-together. We recommend first, you discuss any use of substance(s) with your health’s best friend—your primary care physician. Secondly, we recommend you to check-in with a substance use/abuse clinic and speak to a professional regularly about your use and to keep in check in the event that your use turns to a form of abuse or a coping mechanism for something else underlying that you may not be aware of. With regards to playing, the play session should always come first and foremost before any sexual enhancements. If you find that you are struggling with substance use, please seek out local help while keeping your primary care physician in the loop. You and your safety matters and we here at REEGÜR want to strongly emphasize that.

4.) Get routine testing done for all STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). To name a few but NOT all—Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, HIV, and Hepatitis-C. We at REEGÜR recommend STI testing at least once every 3 months. If something is going on regarding a new STI infection, you want to know as soon as possible. This helps you to get proper treatment, as well as helping to keep the community safe by not further spreading bacteria and viruses. Be sure to notify all of your sexual partners as well to let them know. We scheduled the play session; we can schedule time to discuss health and STI exposures with our play partners. However, if you struggle with this topic of conversation with partners, most public health departments in your community will deliver the information for you.

5.) Always have a discussion with your play partners about their expectations and preferences before each session. This will help all involved parties to be well aware and sensitive to one another both before, during, and after the session.

6.) If you haven’t found out already, fisting and extreme butt play, can be immensely intense. With this intensity, it can unlock a connection with yourself and play partner(s) that is totally unique and independent to that of general penis intercourse. Taking the time to learn and continuously craft your techniques can only make the experiences that much more enjoyable for yourself and your partner(s).

7.) Outside of proper handwashing techniques, utilizing latex OR non-latex fitting gloves will always be the safest and most comfortable way to engage in a fisting play session. Gloves should feel tight like an extra layer of skin over your hands but not so tight that it poses risk to circulation. It’s important that if using non-traditional gloves, that they are all-around smooth with no abrasive stitching or edges. See more TIPS for Successful Topping, section 1.

8.) If you are into foot-intercourse play, utilizing a latex or non-latex condom completely over the foot would be the safest and most comfortable way to enjoy this type of play.

9.) As with all general penis-anal intercourse, the safest and most comfortable way to enjoy this type of play are by using a male or female condom (which is approved to be used in the anus), either latex or non-latex, and with proper approved water or silicone-based lubricants. Lubricants that are not approved for condoms such as “cooking lard” could breakdown the material of the condom, making it more prone to tearing and creating a potential sexual STI exposure.

10.) When engaging in toy play (dildo, butt plugs, etc), remember to properly wash and sterilize items before each use according to its manufacturer as bacteria may be present and grow on the item in-between uses. It is especially important to wach each toy between play partners utilizing them insertively unless otherwise agreed upon by each play partner.

11.) We are fortunate enough to live in a world today with PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis); a once/day regimen for non-HIV infected individuals, prescribed by your primary healthcare physician to help aide and assist in the prevention of new HIV infections. This prevention barrier goes one step further beyond traditional prevention methods and gives your body an internal fighting barrier to possible HIV-infection.

12.) Since lubricant is usually brought to a play session, if there are multiple players along with multiple lubricant containers/bottles, be mindful to keep up with your lube bottle so that it doesn’t get mistaken for someone else’s. Also, make sure to get permission to use someone else’s lube before using it. This helps to keep bacteria and viruses from spreading via sharing lube and lube containers.

13.) Make clean-up as easy as possible after playing. You can do this by putting down puppy pads (yes, actual puppy pads) which will absorb excess lubricant and bodily fluids quite well. Keep paper towels or towels handy nearby so that they may be used to take off excess lube and bodily fluids from your body. You could also invest into a fitted or non-fitted play sheet for either your play space or mattress.

14.) It is usually common courtesy to let a partner know if something comes up and you can no longer participate in a meet-up of any kind; rather it be for a play session or even a coffee. Life happens all the time, and the best thing we can do is communicate with our meeting partners to let them know that life has happened and attempt to reschedule when/if possible. Each time this is done, we show value for a person’s time and it keeps the community’s integrity intact as new comers join in.

15.) While it’s fun to record videos having FFun and showing off techniques, be mindful to make sure that the premise of the session remains focused on your play partner and keeping the integrity of that connection intact

16.) If playing in a group environment, it is common courtesy to observe others playing from a safe distance of about 3-4 feet away. Should you want to join an ongoing play session, it is best to wait for them to have an intermission or until you’re acknowledged to ask to join in. Please do not assume that it’s okay to just join a play session, even if you know one or some of the play partners. On this note, talking can be very distracting to others playing. Try to keep talking to an ear-shot whisper. If you are playing and are distracted by others talking around you, it’s okay to politely ask for them to lower their voices or tell them that the talking is distracting (this is a safety concern first and also a common community courtesy.

Rather in a group or one-on-one play session, remember to practice health and safety first! We depend on each other to keep one another as safe as possible from the potential spreading of bacterial and viral infections along with minimizing potential bodily injury risks.

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